How Many Blog Posts before Traffic

Well! This is the question that every new bloggers to ask. The answer of this question every new blogger like to know, especially bloggers just embarking on this business.

How long time will it take they start seeing high traffic onto their blog? Is it month or year?

Buy a Winning Domain Name registration is easy, but blog post not impossible, if you start today then 100% you will learn tomorrow. Today learn about how many blog posts before traffic you should write.

It’s very important for all newbie bloggers who want to learn blogging.

How Many Blog Posts before Traffic

There are not fixed that you have to write the number of posts, but blog should have full of content. but blog should have full of content. hence write more than 20 blog posts then optimize well, add attractive and information photo then publish it and start promotion as more as you can do.

Let me explain 121 SEO Guide help you.

It needs marketing at least 12-18 months before you fully assess its effectiveness on both attracting increased traffic to your website, and earning opportunities.

What happen after long time blogging, this chart will teach you something.

Overall Website Traffic (after 18 months of blogging)

Event Blogging Traffic infographic, blogging to increase traffic to your website

Important keys of blogging

Blogging is the best tool to bring traffic to your website. One secret that you should know as every successful blogger do well.

The blogging trick is, post daily more than single post. The habit of regular post publishing on your blog will help attract high traffic to your website more easy.

Two tool of blogging is publish daily new content, interlink old posts and promote it regular.

My final suggestion: Get up and start to write from this moment, don’t wait, because opportunities don’t wait. Any blogger can’t learn art of writing without practice.

Blogger is the name of modern writer who writes digital copy. The content was king 1000 years ago and today also.

Bloggers write more than 10 million blog posts around the world daily. This is unstopping work.

Writers can write good content and marketers can market it. Readers are king of decision making about your content’s quality and interesting.

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