How to Start a Blog 2019

My Story – First 2 Blogs
(Money Maker)

I had no money in my pocket when I started my first blog. It’s true, situation was terrible. I joined private school. They paid salary, but not enough for my rent house bill. I started another job with teaching. It was my extra work. I did hard work, due to lack of money that I needed.

One day I quit both jobs, because they paid me wages was not enough for my routine life. I decided to quit both jobs. And tried for another better job, but all tried waste my time. My pocket empty. I tried borrow, but nobody ready to gave me money.

One day I received call after log try. There was my resume which had given long time ago. It was freelancing company and searching guys for night shift. I joined without arguments.

This was my turning time of luck, but I was unaware about it. I was happy, because I got job at last. Salary was not enough, but enough to pay all my personal bills so it’s OK.

There I learned about link building and search engine optimization, article submission, directory submission and guest posting etc. I did this job 5 years. I learned lots of what I needed. It was my blogging career time. I started simple blog. I write and do marketing in spare time (after office time). This was my first blog I learned tricks and methods of earning. Now my first blog started to pay me enough so I quit after long time decision and started full time blogging job at home.

I learned that tricks and earned much money. But my habit to share knowledge with friends. It shared my knowledge and taught may guys and gals. All they happy. Now I decide to share my these secrets of blogging with all unknown friends on internet.

Today I am happy telling you all my secrets of money making on blog. You will learn all these secrets free. Yes, free of course read this blog and learn step by step how to start a blog in 2019 that make money for your better life.

I highly suggest you all friends, please start blog as side business. In starting time write blog and market with your current business or job after learning my secrets you will start full time blogging 100% sure.

How to Start a Blog in 2019 that make money for your life.

In this blog you will read about my true story to be successful blogger. I tell you I started earning first day, but didn’t enough like today. The complete blogging journey teach you here so you can start a blog no time.

This step by step blogging tutorial on how to start a blog will get you all create in no time. Let’s start by introducing easiest way of blogging today.

Now, we earn well per month blogging and help you and your friend each month start a blog that they want – the first step to be full time blogger.

6 Easy Steps to Start Your New Blog

  1. Think – Why should you start a blog?
  2. How to pick – Perfect Blog Topic and Niche
  3. Best Blogging Platforms 101 – where You Should Start your blog
  4. How to Buy a Winning Domain Name in 5 Steps
  5. Best Hosting Plans Guide (Both free and Paid).
  6. install Best Blog Themes
  7. Write your very first blog post: Learn about how many blog posts before traffic
  8. Launch your new blog!
  9. Start Promotion Using: Special 121 SEO Tips for your blog

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