Past Simple Tense Sentences Examples

Definition: Past Simple Tense is known as the Past Indefinite Tense. It is used to talk a completed action in a time before now.

5 Types of Past Simple Tense:

  1. Affirmative
  2. Negative
  3. Interrogative
  4. Negative Interrogative
  5. ‘Wh-word’ with Interrogative


Formula: Subject + V2 + object (Helping Verb [H.V.] [Did] is not used)


  1. Rakesh went to college.
  2. Radhika ate mango.
  3. You wrote an application.
  4. They played cricket.
  5. She drank coffee.


Formula: Subject + (did) not + V1 + object

(Did is always used with V1)


  1. Rakesh did not go to college.
  2. Radhika did not eat mango.
  3. You did not write an application.
  4. They did not play cricket.
  5. She did not drink coffee.


Formula: Did + subject + V1 + object?


  1. Did Rakesh go to college?
  2. Did Radhika eat mango?
  3. Did you write an application?
  4. Did they play cricket?
  5. Did she drink coffee?

Negative Interrogative

Formula: Did + subject + not + V1 + object?


  1. Did Rakesh not go to college?
  2. Did Radhika not eat mango?
  3. Did you not write an application?
  4. Did they not play cricket?
  5. Did she not drink coffee?

‘Wh-word’ with Interrogative

Formula: “Wh-word’ + did + subject + V1 + object?


  1. Where did Rakesh go?
  2. Whom did eat mango?
  3. What did you write?
  4. What did they play?
  5. Whom did drink coffee?


1 To express Past Happening


  • Ram wrote an application last month.
  • She arrived home before dark night.

2 To express Habitual Action of only in past ‘used to’ is also used.


  • Ravi used to go to the temple.
  • Pooja used to play badminton in the morning.

3 To express any General Action


  • Kavita wrote a letter to her best friend.

4 Past Form – was / were of Verb “be” is used to show information about a person or thing.


  1. A.P.J Abdul Kalam was the Indian Scientist.
  2. Was A.P.J Abdul Kalam Indian Scientist.
  3. No, A.P.J Abdul Kalam was not the Indian Scientist.

5 To express Possession or Relation “had” is used.


  • She has not money to do shopping.
  • He has really blue color eyes.

The adverbials are in the sentences:

Last time / day/ night / week /month / year /ago / yesterday / that day, sometimes ago / back, once, one day, in 200 etc.

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