Present Simple Tense Examples Sentences

Hello Friends, I collect present simple tense examples sentences with pictures, you can study and enjoy.

I covered following topics in this article.

  • Present Simple Tense Examples Sentences
    1. Affirmative,
    2. Negative,
    3. Interrogative,
    4. Negative Interrogative,
    5. Interrogative with Wh-word

Definition: Present Simple Tense or Present Indefinite Tense is used to when an action is happening right now or when it happens right now. In the Present Indefinite Tense we use the s or es in the ending of the word.

There are 5 Type of Present Simple Tense:

  1. Affirmative
  2. Negative
  3. Interrogative
  4. Negative Interrogative
  5. Interrogative with Wh-word

Present Simple Affirmative


Sub (singular) +V1 (s, es) + object
Sub (plural) +V1 + object

(A) For the simple sentence and verb ends with the s, es, sh, ch, o, x, in these word we add “es” and the remaining word we add “s”.


electronic: electronics
light: lights
branch: branches
reach: reaches

Those words who ends with ‘y’ then we omit y and we put ‘ies’.


  1. My sister lives in Singapore.
  2. She respects his elders.
  3. Bird live in nests.
  4. The sun sets in the west
  5. She plays hockey.

(B) ‘I’ and ‘you’ are considered as plural subjects.


  1. Rakesh goes to college.
  2. Radhika eats mango.
  3. You write an application.
  4. They play cricket.
  5. She drink coffee.

Present Simple Negative


Subject + (do/does) not + V1 + object


  1. Rakesh does not go to college.
  2. Radhika does not eats mango.
  3. You do not write an application.
  4. They do not plays cricket.
  5. She does not drink coffee.

Present Simple Interrogative


(Do/Does) + subject + V1 + object?


  1. Does Rakesh go to college?
  2. Does Radhika eats mango?
  3. Do you write an application?
  4. Do they plays cricket?
  5. Does she drink coffee?

Present Simple Negative Interrogative:


(Do/Does) + not + subject + V1 + object?


  1. Doesn’t Rakesh go to school?
  2. Doesn’t Radhika eats mango?
  3. Don’t write an application?
  4. Don’t they plays cricket?
  5. Doesn’t she drink coffee?

Present Simple Wh-Word Interrogative


Wh-word + (do/does) + subject + V1 + object?


  1. Where does Rakesh go to?
  2. What does Radhika eats?
  3. What do you write?
  4. What do they plays?
  5. What does she drink?

Note: In “wh-word” interrogative sentences “wh-word” comes first then we put Helping Verb (H.V.) do/does.

But if the “wh-word” is “who” then direct main verb is used-


  1. Who’s that girl?
  2. Who do you want to talk to?
  3. Who is your favourite actress?


1. To express external truth or “Universal Truth


  1. The oceans are deep and cold.
  2. Antarctica is covered with ice.
  3. The land moves on plates.
  4. Rain gives water to life.
  5. Time passes quickly.

2. To express “Permanent Work or Nature


  1. We see with our eyes.
  2. The rose smell sweet.
  3. There are 31 days in August

3. To express “Habitual Action


  1. I get up 6 am every day.
  2. She usually go to college.

Adverb: always, often, seldom, sometimes, rarely, usually, regularly etc. are used before main verb in the habitual actions.

4. To express “Historical Present


  1. Now the battle of Panipat begins.

5. To express those “Pre-planned Programmes” which will occur at definite time table (near future).


  1. We leave Mumbai tomorrow.
  2. The bus leaves at 9 PM

Some exercise with “go” and “goes”

  1. I go
  2. You go
  3. We go
  4. They go
  5. He goes
  6. She goes
  7. You father goes
  8. My mother goes
  9. Her sister goes
  10. Their sister goes
  11. Brother goes
  12. Boy goes
  13. Girl goes
  14. Brothers goes
  15. Teacher goes
  16. Boys go
  17. Master goes
  18. Girls go
  19. Dogs go
  20. Teachers go
  21. Man goes
  22. Woman goes
  23. Men go
  24. Women go
  25. Child goes
  26. Children goes
  27. Babies go
  28. Baby go
  29. Ramesh goes
  30. Neha goes

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