121 SEO Tips and Tricks to Promote Website That Search Engines & Users Love | Complete SEO Guide

SEO Tips and Tricks to Promote Website | Complete SEO GuideImportance of SEO tips and tricks to promote website. My personal experience, I want to share with you.

There are million of blogs and websites owner need real SEO tips tricks promote website, because they design a website, book domain and buy hosting and upload the website complete data.

It is live. OK. Website owner happy, but this work is incomplete, they don’t know.

Website designing and uploading live is not complete work. Your main work starts now. You don’t know. You did well design and great content on your website. who know about this? Think 100 times.

People will know about your website, your work will profitable otherwise it is like peacock dance in jungle at midnight, nobody know.

Actual work is website promotion. And this work goes on till your website live.

A business is incomplete without promotion. A website is static and long lasting name of online promotion.

Advance promotion technology useless without a website, other method are short features which are unable without a website.

SEO Tips and Tricks to Promote Website | Complete SEO Guide

Before start anything, make a long plan for your online business.

Do it: Website Design Ideas

  1. Domain Name: Creative, easy to remember and brand name domain work more better.
  2. High Speed & Secure Hosting: Hosting must be high speed and secure. High speed website rank better than low speed.
  3. Unique Design: Original and unique design better for you website, because it works more reliable.
  4. Light Images: Images which you are using on your website, should be light and own.
  5. Logo: It’s name of your brand. So design it well creative and attractive.
  6. Unique Content: Unique content is king, well helpful for ranking on all search engine.

According your plan you design your website then upload it. It’s 50% work done. Website design and development is one time work. Now your next step start which goes lifetime.

It is marketing.

Now optimization work start.

Two Types of Website Optimization

  1. On page optimization
  2. Off page optimization

On page optimization is placing right keyword on right place. This optimization apply on every webpage.

5 On Page Optimization Tricks

There are steps where you have to place your targeted keyword.

  1. Heading Meta Tags: Title and Description. Write it and place between opening and closing head tag inside header code. It also knows as meta tags.
  2. Heading H1, H2…: Use targeted keyword in heading. It may repeat multiple times inside content body.
  3. Image Alt Tag: Use targeted keyword in image alt. It goes inside image code. It looks like alt=”keyword here.”
  4. Optimize Content: The targeted keyword place inside content, but it doesn’t more than 3% to 5% of total word of content.
  5. Inner Linking: Link the other web pages inside content so audience know about more content. Inner cross linking help ranking according latest search engine algorithm.

8 Off Page Optimization Tips

each webpage have to submit to other websites, share on social media and ping to search engine sites. Here is list of websites, you can submit your website to all.

  1. Social Bookmarking Sites List
  2. Directory Submission Sites List
  3. Video Submission Sites List 2019
  4. Search Engine Submission Sites List 2019
  5. Press Release Submission Sites List 2019
  6. Free Article Submission Sites List 2019
  7. Guest Posting Sites List 2019
  8. Important Blogging Tips for Bloggers 2019

Trending Ways of Website Promotion That Work in 2019

Latest technology creates many ways of promotion. Visual content e-Marketing is one of them.

What It Is:

Visual assets are:

  1. Images, you may spell photos or gallery.
  2. Diagrams
  3. Info-graphics
  4. Charts and other visual-oriented pieces of content

Visuals are super-duper easy to generate back links. Understand with an example, you publish a visual infographics image on your site, you get a new back link anytime when someone shares it on their website.

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